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All images whether digital or printed (in whatever format), are supplied in the best possible processed format. There are times when the original image, only allows for the final product to be supplied, slightly less than perfect. This is the nature of photography.

If you feel that the product supplied is not of a suitable standard, you must advise me within 7 days of receipt. At that point, I will try to rectify the issue(s), or supply a refund. Where an image supplied by me is processed by a third party, to supply a product I cannot produce myself, I will endeavour to obtain a suitable replacement product or refund.

Privacy Policy

At no time will your personal or financial details be supplied to a third party. The exception to this being a payment processor, to facilitate a payment from or to you.

Any details such as email address, delivery address and telephone number, will only be retained long enough to process orders. Details of and orders placed will not be divulged to third parties, except where necessary to process orders.
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