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As I am largely photographing for my own pleasure, and not on a commercial basis. It seemed reasonable to allow pricing that enables people to enjoy my work for an amount that suits their financial situation and reflects the value of the images to them, by allowing customers to set the pricing above a minimum limit.

It has however become evident that there are a good number of people that do not feel comfortable with, or take advantage of this arrangement.

Therefore, I am reverting to the old “I tell you what to pay” system. Prices will still be below “Market Norm”.

Print Quantity
Sizes     1-5      6-10      11-15     20+

6x4      £3.00  £2.00    £1.50       POA
7x5      £3.00   £2.00    £1.50      POA
8x6      £4.00   £3.00    £2.00      POA
9x6      £4.00   £3.00    £2.00      POA
10x8    £5.00   £4.00    £3.00      POA
A4        £5.00   £4.00    £3.00      POA
A3        £9.00   £8.00    £7.00      POA

6x4 Postcards £1.05 minimum order 10, 20+ £0.95

Digital  1-10     11-20    20+

            £1.50   £1.00      POA (per image)

Videos £7 each

DVD £2.50 extra

Postage POA

Minimum order value £7.00

To order please supply me with the image reference(s) and size(s) required for printed media.

For digital copies I will need the image references (start and end of a sequence of shots, or individual images), I will then supply images in high resolution and web ready versions. Digital images and video can be supplied on CD or as a download.

I will confirm the actual cost of each order for pre payment.

Tel: + 44 1508 578655
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Mobile: + 44 776 958 8701
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