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Colin Allison & Horse Head

My love of Photography

My photography started as rehabilitation following a brain tumour operation in 2008. The after effects of this and disability from my service in the Royal Air Force, means that I have arthritis in my hands, lower limbs, and various other restricting symptoms.

This all adds up to my being very restricted in mobility and dexterity. However I do like photography very much and will be continuing this as a hobby for the foreseeable future.

I get much pleasure from designing and coding my own websites, I also ran the Easton & Otly College, Equestrian Events website, for some time, which dovetails nicely with my position and Norwich Campus Equestrian Photographer.

I also undertook assignments for the EQ Life magazine, until it was closed down in 2017, and have two front covers so far as well as supplying images for numerous articles in that and other publications.

2018 has seen a change in my abilities. As well as my other symptoms, a bad back and very painful left foot, has meant that, I had great problems standing for the length of time needed for most events. I have overcome this by adapting to shoot from a wheelchair. How long this will last I don't know but I will continue as long as possible.

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